New and revised StatLine tables

This page contains an overview of new and revised StatLine tables. Revisions of updated, adjusted and corrected tables comprise changes or additional figures. Clicking on a title will show a default table, which users can adjust to their own requirements.

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Date Publication Reason

Milk supply and dairy production by dairy factories

Milk supply by dairy farms, production of butter, cheese, milk powder, concentrated milk and whey powder
Frequency: monthly, period: January 1995 - June 2020


Arable crops; production, to region

Area and yield per crop Province
Frequency: twiceyearly, period: 1994-2019


Livestock manure; production, transport and use, key figures

Manure production, nitrogen and phosphate in manure, nitrogen losses Manure processing, manure exports and manure use
Frequency: yearly, period: 1950-2019