No chance or no choice? Typology for the unused labour force without income (Dutch only)

At the request of RWI (Council for Work and Income) and several municipalities, Statistics Netherlands has conducted research on the unused supply of labour among people without income in 2007. These people do not work, do not receive a benefit and are not in education. In addition to calculating tables on the size and characteristics of the group, Statistics Netherlands also developed a typology. This makes it possible to distinguish different kinds of people within the group so that  specific policy can be developed. The report describes eight types, e.g. the young contender, involuntarily inactive migrant and elderly housewife. People within a type share background characteristics, a similar willingness to work and a similar chance of finding work. The number of people per type has been calculated for the Netherlands, the participating municipalities and their problem districts. An extra table on percentages of people who find a job within a year by background characteristics is available on demand.