Report on Integration and Society, 2022


Despite the care taken in compiling this publication, some inaccuracies have been identified afterwards. We apologise for these. The text on marriage partner choice in Chapter 1 included two incorrect figures.
Both the longread and the PDF version have received text updates with the correct figures.
The Report on Integration and Society (Rapportage Integratie en Samenleven) describes how groups of different origins relate to the average of the Dutch population. For the different origin groups in Dutch society, the differences and similarities compared to the average of the total Dutch population are illustrated on the basis of various themes. The themes covered are: population, housing, education, labour market, social security, income, crime, health and social participation.
The report addresses the question of whether the differences decreased in recent years and whether the second generation born in the Netherlands is moving towards the average compared to migrants born abroad.

In addition, the report contains three in-depth chapters. The first chapter looks at differences between origin groups in terms of hospitalisation due to COVID-19 infection. The second chapter discusses the school careers of the second generation. The third chapter shows income mobility between family generations by origin.

Funded in part by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.