Monitor of Well-being & the Sustainable Development Goals 2022

People wait in lines to be vaccinated at a GGD vaccination site.
© ANP / Rob Engelaar
Trends in well-being in the Netherlands from a broad perspective – the economy, the environment and society – and Dutch progress on the SDGs of the United Nations.

The monitor describes Dutch well-being ‘here and now’ but also the impact that this has on future generations in the Netherlands (well-being ‘later’), and on other countries (well-being ‘elsewhere’). The monitor also examines how well-being is distributed across various populations groups in the Netherlands and includes an anlysis of the resilience of current Dutch well-being, and whether the Netherlands is in a position to cope with shocks in the future.

The most recent progress of theNetherlands on the 17 SDGs is described in a separate chapter. The SDG dashboards show the trends of the SDG indicators and the position of the Netehrlands within the EU.