Internationalisation Monitor 2019, first quarter: the United States

Research publication on the economic relations between the United States and the Netherlands, with special focus on bilateral direct investment, trade, export revenues, multinationals and their employees, and labour migration.
This edition of CBS’ quarterly Internationalisation Monitor describes the economic relations between the Netherlands and the United States. The United States is a key non-EU trading partner for the Netherlands. Chapter 1 of this publication describes the international economic performance of the US and draws a comparison with the Netherlands. Chapter 2 presents an outline of US Foreign Direct Investment, its destinations and origins. Chapter 3 gives an account of US-Dutch bilateral trade relations in goods and services. Chapter 4 discusses bilateral export revenues for the US and the Netherlands in both direct and indirect exports. Chapter 5 presents US enterprises in the Netherlands, Dutch enterprises active in the US, and Dutch enterprises trading with the US, as well as developments in comparison with enterprises not involved in trade with the US. Chapter 6 focuses on the conditions for Dutch employees working at multinationals in the Netherlands, US multinationals in particular. Chapter 7 describes the migration flows between the Netherlands and the US.