The Digital Economy 2005

The Digital Economy 2005

After a period of major investments in information and communication technology (ICT) and rapid economic growth in the domestic ICT sector, there was a dip in 2001. The dip was also noticeable in related areas, varying from share prices of the telecommunication companies to the number of students in informatics.

In 2004 investments in computers started to increase again and the sliding fortunes of the ICT sector seemed to be reversing. Apart from these economic fluctuations surrounding the ICT sector, the growing use of ICT is a structural development in society. However, close to four million mainly older people have no experience with the internet yet.

Statistics Netherlands describes these and other developments in this fifth edition about the digital economy. The previous editions only had an English summary. This year’s publication is fully translated into English, so that the information on ICT use in the Netherlands and the research by Statistics Netherlands on ICT can be shared internationally.

The Digital Economy 2005

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