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Your obligation, our obligation

If you do not submit the requested data within the specified time limit, it may cost you money. The Dutch government has decided to take this measure because your data are considered to be very valuable; in fact, so valuable that it has made submission of the data enforceable by law. This has been laid down in the Statistics Netherlands Act. This Act also stipulates that Statistics Netherlands must make every effort to obtain data from other organisations first, for example the Dutch tax authorities. However, if these organisations do not have (sufficient) data available, then Statistics Netherlands is allowed to impose the requirement on companies to submit their data.

More information can be found in this downloadable brochure (The requested page isn't available in English).

Are you late in submitting your data?

It is important to still try and send the data to Statistics Netherlands in order to comply with the requirement.

Laws and regulations

For an overview of all legislation related to the legal obligation, go to overview of laws (The requested page isn't available in English).

Overview table of penalties; penalty amounts

The amounts of penalties and fines for non-compliance is determined based on the rates table Handhaving CBS (CBS Enforcement) (The requested page isn't available in English). This table shows that penalty amounts depend on the company size, the gravity of the infringement and the period to which the data relate.

Jurisprudence; court cases related to delayed submission of data.

Go to the overview of jurisprudence (The requested page isn't available in English).


For information on Dutch legislation and regulations, please refer to the website of the Dutch government (The requested page isn't available in English). All European laws and regulations can be found here.