CBS StatLine databank as open data

All tables in StatLine are available as open data in the form of datasets. By using web services, the most recent data about a specific topic can be retrieved, filtered and combined.  The data is identical in content to the tables which can be retrieved and downloaded from StatLine. The only difference is in the presentation. In this way, Statistics Netherlands aims to promote the widespread use of its statistical data.

What is open data?

Open Data is (government) data made available electronically in a coherent manner so that programmers can immediately use it for all sorts of applications. Many new types of services and apps can be developed based on (combinations of) such data. These will often be apps for smartphones and tablets, but applications can also easily be developed for PCs or other devices.

CBS data portal

CBS datasets can be accessed via the CBS data portal. Through this portal you can find information on all available datasets. The portal has a search function to find these datasets. Alternatively, you can use the browse function per theme. All datasets are available as well on the Dutch national data portal (Dutch only).
Each dataset includes a brief description as well as links to the web services you can use to download the datasets. The dataset can also be viewed via a link to StatLine.
More details explaining the use of the datasets can be found in the ‘Open data disclaimer’(Dutch only). For example, open data can be used free of charge and quoting of the source is mandatory.

Web services

The web services are offered so that all statistical data in StatLine can be provided in the form of datasets via Open Data. CBS offers three types of web services:

  • The OdataCatalog service provides an overview of all datasets.
  • The OdataAPI service is intended for direct use, e.g . when placing a graph on a website. The service is suitable for quick retrieval of a limited amount of data. Retrieval of data is restricted to a maximum of 10,000 cells at one time.
  • The ODATAFEED is intended for indirect use, e.g. for the downloading of a large quantity of data for further processing. The number of records that can be retrieved has no limit.

User support

CBS has produced two user manuals. Firstly, a general user about web services and how they work. Secondly, a manual describing how you can use CBS open data using Powerpivot  from Excel. They are in Dutch only.

For technical support, visit for explanations on the ODATA protocol and the formats applied (JSON and XML). CBS uses version 3.0 of the ODATA protocol. This site also gives information about the possibilities to build applications for various development platforms.

CBS offers more support in the Linkedin group, ‘Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek; Open Data’ (English can be used).

Statistical information

CBS datasets contain statistical data, of which huge amounts are published. This data (statistics) are based on observations and describe the world around us. The figures foster insights into phenomena in Dutch society. These facts also provide the basis for the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of policies.

Explanation of symbols
An explanation of the symbols and characters used in CBS datasets.

List of StatLine tables arranged alphabetically
This PDF file contains a list of all StatLine datasets arranged in alphabetical order and listing publication frequency, periods for the data and the date of the most recent update.

User manual CBS Open Data Services (Dutch only)
User manual PowerPivot with CBS Open Data (Dutch only)

Questions about StatLine?

In that case you can contact the Statistics Netherlands’ Infoservice.