Table redesigns

This page offers an overview of recently redesigned tables. In a redesign the structure of a table is modified; the topics or classifications have been changed. A redesign may affect open data applications that use this table.

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Date Publication Reason

Arable crops; production, to region

The name of the province Friesland has been changed into Fryslân.
Frequency: twiceyearly, period: 1994-2020


Pump prices motor fuels; location petrol station, type fuel

The underlying codes of the classification used in this table have been changed. These now comply with registered standard coding within the CBS. The structure and data of the table have not been altered.
Frequency: monthly, period: January 2006 - September 2020


School size by type of education and ideological basis

The underlying coding of classifications used in this table has been adjusted. It is now in line with the standard encoding defined by CBS. The structure and data of the table have not been adjusted.
Frequency: yearly, period: 1990/'91 - 2019/'20


Business survey Netherlands; quarterly, to size classes

A few small adjustments have been made to the labelling of subjects to equalize with the dutch version of this table. There were no changes in data. The adjustments are as follows: - subfolder 'Order position' has been removed. - the folder 'Profability' has been added.
Frequency: quarterly, period: 1st quarter 2012 - 3rd quarter 2020


Population dynamics; birth, death and migration per region

The table has been revised. The following changes have been made: - The topic 'Population density' has been added. These figures are available from 1995 (not by sex). - The topics 'Total departures excluding administrative corrections’, ‘Total departures excluding administrative corrections, ratio’, ‘Departures due to emigration excluding administrative corrections’, ‘Net migration excluding administrative corrections’, ‘Total net corrections’ and ‘Net other corrections’ have been removed from the table. - The subject ‘Net administrative corrections’ has been moved to the folder ‘Departures from municipality’. - For the periods 1972 to 1976, the figures with regard to immigration and emigration have again been derived from the source files. As a result, the figures deviate slightly from the previous version of the table. - For the periods until 1977, Statistics Netherlands has no information about administrative corrections available at the municipal level. The figures up to 1977 do not include administrative corrections. - Figures for administrative corrections have been added to the table for the periods 1977 to 1987. This has consequences for the figures on 'Total departures including net administrative corrections',' Total departures including administrative corrections, ratio', 'Departures due to emigration including administrative corrections', ‘Total net corrections’, ‘Net administrative corrections’ and ‘Net other corrections’. - Empty fields (logically empty) have been replaced by a dot (not available).
Frequency: yearly, period: Period 1960 - 2019


Rent increase dwellings; type of rental

The labels and the underlying codes of the classification used in this table (Rental type) have been adjusted. These are now in line with the standard codes established by Statistics Netherlands. The structure and data of the table have not been modified.
Frequency: yearly, period: 2015 - 2020