Commodity nomenclature NSTR

The classification of goods based on the NST/R (Nomenclature uniforme des marchandises pour les Statistiques de Transport, Revisée).
This encoding is in force since January 1, 1967 within the member states of the European Union.
The hierarchical structure of code numbers makes it possible to group up to 10 chapters (1-digit) and 52 groups (2-digit) based on the first, or the first two digits of the code. The full breakdown on types of goods is possible up to 4-digit level.

NSTR chapters
0 Agricultural products and live animals
1 Foodstuffs and animal fodder
2 Solid mineral fuels
3 Petroleum products
4 Ores and metal waste
5 Metal products
6 Crude and manufactured minerals, building materials
7 Fertilizers
8 Chemicals
9 Machinery, transport equipment, manufactured articles and miscellaneous articles
xx Arms and ammunition, military