Customised research

Are you looking for reliable data to be used in policy underpinning, a sectoral survey, or market research? The wealth of microdata and the expertise on offer at CBS can provide exactly the information you need. We can customise using existing data or conduct a whole new study.

Customised research based on existing data

CBS can conduct customised studies based on any of the datasets already available.

Customised research products by Statistics Netherlands


Here are some examples of analyses we could undertake:

  • Constructing links between topics (record linkage);
  • Monitoring developments over a longer period of time (implementing policy monitoring);
  • Conducting studies for policy reviews;
  • Studying of connections using regression analyses;
  • Linking of your own data to CBS datasets.


You will receive the results of the study in the format you prefer. We perform a wide range of services:

  • Report - A research report includes the data together with a description of the results and an outline of the study methodology.
  • Customised table - We produce tables specifically matching your needs. Options include pivot tables and filter tables.
  • Fact sheet - A concise overview of data on a particular subject, mainly consisting of data, graphs and tables.
  • Dashboard - An interactive tool which can help you conduct analyses yourself in a quick and organised fashion.
  • Map - Geographical representation of regionally varying results, whether on a nationwide, municipal or district level.
  • Other - We have a lot more to offer. Please contact us for assistance.

Examples of our products can be found in the display customised research.

The results of all research are published on the CBS website and therefore accessible to the public. Previews are of course offered to the organisation commissioning the research in line with our publication policy.

Brand new research

In case we do not have the data needed for your research, it is often possible to compile them for you. You can commission brand new research or expand on an existing survey: the expertise of CBS is at your disposal.

Complete research
From developing a questionnaire to delivery of research results, CBS can carry out a complete study which includes the following and more:

  • Designing, programming and testing of survey questionnaires;
  • Consulting on and developing of a survey strategy;
  • Survey sampling and weighting;
  • Data processing: retrieval of the collected data, composition of a uniform data model, data editing, carrying out verification and correction, computation of derivatives, compilation of research documentation;
  • Classification of survey responses;
  • If required, enriching of survey data with register data;
  • Compilation of secured datasets;
  • Plausibility and non-response analyses.

Free ride
You may add one question or a few questions of your own to an existing CBS questionnaire. The advantage is that you save on developing costs for a whole new survey while making use of an existing method.

Supplementary work
Within an existing survey, CBS can extend invitations to a larger number of respondents in your own region. Conducting such ‘oversampling’ in an area designated by you will enable you to make more detailed statements about the population in question. In this case as well, you can make use of an existing survey method.

In general

Data sources
CBS can present customised statistical information on all topics of the CBS-werkprogramma.

Customer profile
Departments, policy analysis and planning bureaus, provincial or municipal governments, universities, research institutes and enterprises can all commission CBS under certain conditions.

How it works
You can discuss your wishes with the CBS Customised Data Team . This team has inside information on the possibilities and collaborates closely with the experts on your subject. You will find out quickly what the possibilities and the approximate costs are. Want to learn more? We will provide a quotation in accordance with the associated terms and conditions.

Quality and reliability are paramount at CBS as you can read in our quality declaration.

For each commissioned study, we provide a detailed statement including fixed hourly rates.


For further information of to approach us for commissioning work, please contact us: