Calculation of rent increase (private housing sector and business premises)

Calculation of rent increase for business premises

Important: you do not need to use the calculation tool below if you want to calculate the rent increase for private sector housing (basic rent from 808.06 euros) for 2023. This is because the maximum permitted rent increase in 2023 has already been set at 4.1%.

Rent increase for business premises: have a look at the general provisions of your tenancy agreement. They should clearly mention the formula for the annual rent increase. If you use the calculation tool below, it is important to know whether a monthly index or an annual average is used, and which base year applies.

For more information on the maximum rent increase, go to the Dutch housing policy website Maximum permitted rent increase 2023 private sector (Dutch only).

For additional instructions about the calculation tool, go to How to use the Rent Increase Calculator (Dutch only).

Rent index:


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Your tenancy agreement mentions the series used to calculate the rent increase. In most cases, this is ‘All households’ (Alle huishoudens). The ‘Employees low’ (Werknemers laag) series was terminated as of 2003. The PDF document in the ‘Downloads’ section at the bottom of the page explains what you should do if your contract tells you to use the ‘Employees low’ series.

Your tenancy agreement mentions the rent to be used as a basis: the rent paid most recently or the rent paid at the start of the contract (initial rent).

Step 3CPI new

Does your tenancy agreement say ‘maand CPI’ (monthly CPI) or ‘jaargemiddelde CPI’ (annual average CPI)? If you need to base the calculation on a monthly CPI, this is usually the month which is four months prior to the effective month of the new rent.

For example: your rent increases as of 1 January 2023. CPI new will then be September 2022 and CPI old will be September 2021.

If you need use the annual average CPI, it is usually over the year prior to the year in which the rent is adjusted.

Step 4CPI old

If you selected a month in the previous step, you should do the same here and select sixteen calendar months prior to the rent adjustment. This simply means: one year earlier than in step 3.

For example: your rent increases as of 1 July 2022. CPI new will then be March 2022 and CPI old will be March 2021.

If you selected an annual average in the previous step, you should do the same here. This means one year earlier than in step 3.

You do not need to change anything here. The tool determines the base year automatically.

Note: does your tenancy agreement mention an older base year (e.g. 2006=100)? You can then keep using 2015=100. CBS always updates the series, so this does not affect the calculated percentage.

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CBS is not in a position to comment on whether a certain indexation clause has been applied correctly or is not pursuant to statutory provisions or otherwise. CBS accepts no liability for any errors in the software used for the calculation tool and/or for errors during information transmission.