Open data

What is open data?

Open Data is data that can freely be used and is made available in a machine-readable format. Statistics Netherlands provides three different types of open data. The OData interfaces (APIs) of Statistics Netherlands enable users to use data in automated processes. Information can be retrieved via the OData protocol.

StatLine open data

The tables which can be viewed and downloaded in StatLine are also available as open data. The collection of datasets can be searched in the StatLine data portal. All datasets from StatLine are also part of the open data collection of the Dutch government, called (Dutch).

Website open data

Information from the Statistics Netherlands website can also be retrieved via an API. Articles, frequently used figures and events from the publication calendar can be queried. By connecting to open data new articles can for instance be processed automatically.


All datasets of Statistics Netherlands are published under the Creative Commons Attribute licence. This licence allows users to use the data freely, as long as Statistics Netherlands is credited. More details can be found in the Disclaimer open data (Dutch).