Turnover accommodation and food services up in Q1

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In Q1 2021, turnover in the accommodation and food services sector rose by 9.7 percent relative to the previous quarter, as reported by Statistics Netherlands (CBS). This was mainly due to the relaxation of the measures against the spread of coronavirus. In Q4 2021, turnover still sharply due to the coronavirus measures. Relative to Q1 2021, turnover in the accommodation and food services sector was 92.2 percent higher. Last year, however, there was a strict lockdown for the entire first quarter.

Turnover accommodation and food services (seasonally adjusted)
YearQuarterTurnover (2015=100)
2015Quarter 197.07
2015Quarter 299.49
2015Quarter 3100.33
2015Quarter 4102.77
2016Quarter 1103.61
2016Quarter 2104.18
2016Quarter 3108.19
2016Quarter 4108.31
2017Quarter 1110.54
2017Quarter 2112.58
2017Quarter 3113.93
2017Quarter 4115.5
2018Quarter 1117.82
2018Quarter 2120.8
2018Quarter 3121.08
2018Quarter 4123.52
2019Quarter 1122.61
2019Quarter 2125.01
2019Quarter 3125.75
2019Quarter 4128.1
2020Quarter 1109.7
2020Quarter 253.1
2020Quarter 3109.4
2020Quarter 461.3
2021Quarter 159
2021Quarter 281
2021Quarter 3124.3
2021Quarter 4102.3
2022Quarter 1112.3

Significantly more turnover at cafés and restaurants

Seasonally adjusted turnover in accommodation services including hotels and holiday parks rose by 7.1 percent in Q1 2022 compared to the previous quarter. Hotels had 5 percent more turnover than in the previous quarter. The turnover of other accommodation services including holiday parks and campsites increased by 9.5 percent. Both branches benefited from an exceptionally mild first quarter. Moreover, coronavirus measures were relaxed considerably.

Turnover of food and beverage outlets increased by 10.6 percent compared to the previous quarter. At cafés and restaurants, turnover rose by 20.3 and 15.0 percent, respectively. Turnover of fast food restaurants (including snack bars and cafeterias) increased by 7.3 percent compared to the previous quarter. Canteens and catering was the only type of accommodation and food services with declining turnover; these establishments achieved 2.4 percent less turnover than in the previous quarter.

Turnover accommodation and food services (seasonally adjusted), Q1 2022
 change (quarter-on-quarter % change)
Accommodation services (total)7.1
Other accommodation services9.5
Food and beverages services (total)10.6
Fast-food restaurants7.3
Canteens and catering-2.4

Accommodation and food services turnover up by over 90 percent year on year

In Q1 2022, turnover in accommodation and food services was 92.9 percent up on the same quarter of 2021. The considerable growth is due to the fact that the sector was closed almost completely during Q1 of last year. This year, too, the first quarter began in lockdown, but more and more relaxations were implemented over the same quarter. Compared to Q1 2020, during which coronavirus measures came into force for the first time, turnover was over 2 percent higher.

Although hotels recorded 174.1 percent more turnover in Q1 than one year previously, they were not back to pre-COVID levels yet. Compared to Q1 2020, turnover was almost 22 percent lower. Holiday accommodation rental companies and camping sites recorded a turnover increase of 18.2 percent compared to Q1 2021 and 18.5 percent compared to Q1 2020.

At almost 300 percent, the year-on-year turnover increase at cafés was the largest of all branches in Q1. However, turnover was still more than 5 percent lower than in the same quarter two years earlier. Restaurants achieved almost 142 percent more turnover year on year. Compared to Q1 2020, turnover was up by over 6 percent.

Fast food restaurants recorded a turnover increase of 40.4 percent year on year. Relative to Q1 2020, turnover was 27.1 percent higher. Finally, canteens and catering achieved over 48 percent more turnover than one year previously. However, their turnover was still 8.5 percent lower than two years previously.

Turnover accommodation and food services, Q1 2022
 Compared to Q1 2021 (% change)Compared to Q1 2020 (% change)
Accommodation and food services (total)92.22.2
Accommodation services (total)84.3-10.5
Other accommodation services18.218.5
Food and beverages services (total)94.66.6
Canteens and catering48.4-8.5
Fast-food restaurants40.427.1

Sharply improved confidence in accommodation and food services

At the start of Q2 2022, the mood had changed completely in accommodation and food services. Business confidence improved substantially following a low in the previous quarter, ending as the highest of all sectors. Entrepreneurs in this sector saw turnover and the economic climate improve in Q1 and also expected turnover to increase in Q2. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, business confidence (the percentage balance of positive and negative answers) has been volatile, partly on account of COVID-19 measures.

At the beginning of Q2 2022, almost 43 percent of entrepreneurs in accommodation and food services said that staff shortages formed the largest obstacle to carrying out their business activities. This was 34 percent across the entire Dutch business community.

Business confidence index accommodation and food services
   Business confidence
2019Quarter 111.9
2019Quarter 28.6
2019Quarter 37.4
2019Quarter 41.9
2020Quarter 10.2
2020Quarter 2-84.3
2020Quarter 3-52.4
2020Quarter 4-27.4
2021Quarter 1-57.1
2021Quarter 2-32.6
2021Quarter 339.8
2021Quarter 434.5
2022Quarter 1-35.3
2022Quarter 240.9
Source: CBS, EIB, KVK, MKB-Nederland, VNO-NCW