Turnover accommodation and food services sector declines further in Q1 2021

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© Hollandse Hoogte / Flip Franssen
In Q1 2021, turnover in the accommodation and food services sector fell by nearly 4 percent relative to the previous quarter, as reported by Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The decline follows the almost 44 percent contraction in Q4 2020. Relative to Q1 2020, turnover decreased by 46.7 percent. There was no recovery for the sector in Q1 2021 due to the continued lockdown.

Turnover accommodation and food services (seasonally adjusted)
YearQuarterTurnover (2015=100)
2015Quarter 197.1
2015Quarter 299.5
2015Quarter 3100.3
2015Quarter 4102.8
2016Quarter 1103.6
2016Quarter 2104.2
2016Quarter 3108.2
2016Quarter 4108.3
2017Quarter 1110.5
2017Quarter 2112.6
2017Quarter 3113.9
2017Quarter 4115.5
2018Quarter 1117.8
2018Quarter 2120.8
2018Quarter 3121.1
2018Quarter 4123.5
2019Quarter 1122.6
2019Quarter 2125
2019Quarter 3125.7
2019Quarter 4128.1
2020Quarter 1109.7
2020Quarter 253.1
2020Quarter 3109.4
2020Quarter 461.3
2021Quarter 158.9

Again sharp turnover drop for hotels and cafés

In Q1 2020, the accommodation services sector, including hotels and holiday homes, recorded 3.6 percent turnover loss relative to the previous quarter. The development of turnover varies considerably among the accommodation services. Hotels recorded 27 percent lower turnover than in the previous quarter. Hotel turnover was also sharply down in that quarter, by more than 50 percent. On the other hand, other accommodation providers, including holiday homes and camp sites, booked more turnover in Q1 2021, namely 21.7 percent. Many people have likely booked a short holiday in a cottage.

The food and beverage service sector, including restaurants, cafés and fast food restaurants, achieved 4 percent less turnover in Q1 than in the previous quarter. Here, too, the differences are large. Café turnover declined the most at 25.5 percent. In the previous quarter, it already fell by more than 70 percent. Restaurants recorded 8.3 percent less turnover in Q1 than in the previous quarter, following the 56.7 percent turnover contraction in Q4 2020. However, the turnover of fast food restaurants increased by 3.4 percent. Finally, turnover from canteens and catering remained virtually unchanged (0.2 percent).

Turnover accommodation and food services (seasonally adjusted), Q1 2021
X axisChange (quarter-on-quarter % change)
Accommodation services (total)-3.6
Other accommodation services21.7
Food and beverages services (total)-4
Canteens and catering0.2
Fast-food restaurants3.4

Turnover accommodation and food services sector almost halved year-on-year

In Q1 2021, turnover among accommodation and food services was 46.7 percent lower than in the same quarter of 2020. Cafés, hotels and restaurants were affected particularly heavily by the strict measures against the spread of coronavirus. Only other accommodation services such as holiday parks were able to maintain their turnover at a level similar to one year previously.

In Q1 2020, the accommodation and food services sector was already faced with turnover losses due to the coronavirus crisis. In mid-March 2020, accommodation and food service outlets were forced to more or less close their doors to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Relative to Q1 2019, turnover in Q1 2021 was about 52 percent lower.

Turnover accommodation and food services, Q1 2021
X axisChange (year-on-year % change)
Accommodation and food services (total)-46.7
Accommodation services (total)-51.4
Other accommodation services1.8
Food and beverages services (total)-45.1
Canteens and catering-38.1
Fast-food restaurants-9.2