Caribbean Netherlands: half of companies use emergency package

As of March 2020, a package of emergency measures has been in place in the Caribbean Netherlands to tackle the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis. Nearly half of all local enterprises availed of a financial contribution towards their wage costs and/or fixed overhead last year. This is evident from new figures released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

The share of companies in the Caribbean Netherlands claiming government support for their wage costs and/or fixed overhead ranged from 45 percent on Bonaire to 55 percent on Saba and 47 percent on St Eustatius.

Companies receiving financial support in the Caribbean Netherlands by sector, since March 2020
SectorCompanies, totalReceiving support
Agriculture, forestry and fishing200
Transportation and storage12080
Accommodation and food services410250
Information and communication8020
Financial services10020
Real estate rental and trade24080
Specialised business services26070
Rental and other business services320160
Healh care and welfare12050
Culture, sports and recreation14080
Other services270110

Employers applied for a contribution in wage costs related to 4,020 jobs. This concerned the wage costs of both employees and self-employed. The vast majority of claims were made in the accommodation and food services sector. In this sector, 200 companies received financial support for 1,290 jobs; almost all of them were located on Bonaire. In the trade sector, 200 companies applied for contributions from the emergency package. They received a contribution towards their wage costs for altogether 500 jobs.

Jobs with financial support in the Caribbean Netherlands by sector, since March 20201)
Transportation and storage190
Accommodation and food services1290
Information and communication30
Financial services40
Real estate rental and trade150
Specialised business services80
Rental and other business services440
Health care and welfare150
Culture, sports and recreation430
Other services210
1)Employee jobs and self-employment