Investments almost 1 percent up in March

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© Hollandse Hoogte / Hans van Rhoon
Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports that the volume of investments in tangible fixed assets was 0.6 percent up in March 2020 relative to the same month last year. This was mainly due to higher investments in buildings and infrastructure. However, investments in transport equipment such as passenger cars, lorries and semi-trailers declined substantially.

Investment data have not been adjusted for calendar effects. March 2020 has one working day more than March 2019. According to the CBS Investment Radar, conditions for investments in the Netherlands are more unfavourable in May than they were in March.

Investment climate more unfavourable in May than in March

Every month, CBS publishes updates on the investment climate in the CBS Investment Radar. Relevant circumstances for the investment climate include the situation on the sales and financial markets. Although the radar indicators show a strong correlation with investments in fixed assets, improved circumstances are not necessarily translated into increased growth in investments.

According to the CBS Investment Radar, the investment climate in the Netherlands is more unfavourable in May than it was in March. This is mainly due to the fact that the industrial capacity utilisation rate is lower. In addition, manufacturers are more negative about their order position, year-on-year export growth has turned into a decline and consumer confidence has deteriorated further.

The figures in this publication are provisional and may be revised upwards or downwards.

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