Investment radar

The Investment Radar is an instrument developed by Statistics Netherlands to analyse developments in investment and place them in some sort of context.

Source: Statistics Netherlands
Inside the dotted line: less favourable than average.

Outside the dotted line: more favourable than average.

Investment climate virtually the same

According to January’s Investment Radar, the investment climate in the Netherlands was equally favourable as in the previous month. New data have become available for five indicators. Three indicators improved, one deteriorated and one remained the same. Circumstances relevant for investments are, on the one hand, the situation on the sales markets, and on the other hand, the availability of financial means. Although the Radar indicators show a strong correlation with investments in fixed assets, improved circumstances are not necessarily translated into a higher growth of investments.

Manufacturers were less negative about their order positions. The year-on-year exports increase was smaller compared to a month earlier however. The year-on-year increase in share prices was slightly larger compared to the previous month. Both consumer confidence and the interbank interest rate remained roughly the same.

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