Turnover temp agencies continues to rise

According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), turnover generated by temp employment agencies, providers of job placement services and payroll services grew by 1.1 percent in Q1 2017 relative to Q4 2016. Growth is slightly smaller than in the preceding quarter. The total number of temp hours also increased further in Q1.

Turnover temp sector, seasonally adjusted
2013 II103.9
2013 III105.9
2013 IV107.4
2014 I107.6
2014 II109.6
2014 III111.8
2014 IV113.9
2015 I116.2
2015 II120.4
2015 III123.9
2015 IV129.8
2016 I128.2
2016 II130.3
2016 III131.6
2016 IV134.4
2016 I135.9

More hours worked in long-term, fewer in short-term employment contracts

Turnover in the temp sector is strongly related to the number of temp hours. The total number of temp hours increased by 1.4 percent in Q1 2017 relative to the preceding quarter.

The number of hours worked in long-term temporary employment contracts, e.g. secondment and pay-rolling, increased by 3.5 percent in Q1 2017 and has risen almost continually since 2012. The number of hours worked in short-term temporary contracts, on the other hand, rose by 0.8 percent in Q1. In the preceding three quarters the increase had slowed down.

Hours worked in temp jobs, seasonally adjusted
 Short-term contractsLong-term contracts
2013 II98.6108.6
2013 III98.9110.9
2013 IV100.4113.9
2014 I98.4119.8
2014 II97.1126.3
2014 III97.8129.4
2014 IV99.1133.7
2015 I99.3137.8
2015 II102.3142.1
2015 III104.6147.4
2015 IV106.6152.1
2016 I107.5150.4
2016 II110153.5
2016 III111.7156.8
2016 IV112.6162.1
2016 I111.7167.7

Labour market improves further

The number of jobs rose by 56 thousand in Q1 2017. Again, temp agencies showed the most substantial growth (19 thousand). The number of outstanding vacancies has grown by 13 thousand in Q1, the most substantial quarter-on-quarter growth in more than 10 years. Unemployment fell by 23 thousand.

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