Sharp decline Dutch travel spending in Turkey

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In the first six months of 2016, Dutch travel spending in Turkey, Greece and Switzerland was significantly down from the same period last year. Spending in Greece and Turkey declined as far fewer people from the Netherlands travelled to these destinations. The number of travellers to Switzerland remained fairly stable, but Dutch tourists to Switzerland reduced the length of their stay, according to Statistics Netherlands.

While Dutch travel spending in Turkey, Greece and Switzerland declined, it was up in Austria, Spain, France and Germany: whereas spending decreased in the first three countries (-140 million euros), in the other four countries spending increased by approximately the same amount (+132 million euros). Altogether, Dutch travel spending abroad was marginally lower in the first six months of 2016 than in the same period last year (5.2 versus 5.3 billion euros).
Since early 2015, the Swiss franc has risen much more rapidly against the euro than in previous years. The terrorist attacks and the recent domestic turmoil in Turkey and the arrival of huge numbers of refugees on the Greek coast have also played a part in this respect.

Dutch travel spending abroad, first six months 2016

Travel spending in Turkey and Greece to its lowest in a decade

Dutch travel spending in Turkey has reached the lowest level in ten years. With 81 million euros over the first six months of 2016, it dipped below the 100 million euros barrier for the first time. Dutch travel spending in Turkey was twice as high in the same period of 2012. In Greece it was also at its lowest level in ten years: 195 million euros in 2015 versus 122 million euros this year. Travel spending in Switzerland has been lower only once since 2006.

Dutch travel spending in Greece, Turkey and Switzerland, first six months

Dutch travellers spend the most in Germany

Dutch travel spending in Greece, Turkey and Switzerland is relatively low. These countries retain their position as important travel destinations. Greece goes from eight to ten, Turkey from ten to eleven and Switzerland remains in twelfth position. Germany is by far the most important destination for Dutch travellers. Germany accounts for almost one-quarter of all foreign travel spending, followed by Spain, France, Belgium and Austria.

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