Dutch consumer confidence considerably higher

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According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the mood among Dutch consumers is much more positive in September than in August. Consumers’ willingness to buy is also improving. The consumer confidence indicator has risen by 6 points, from + 2 in August to + 8 in September. This is mainly because consumers are more positive about the economic climate.

With a score of + 8, consumer confidence is significantly above its long-term average over the past two decades (- 8). The indicator reached an all-time high in April 2000 (+ 27) and an all-time low in February 2013 (- 44).

Consumers much more optimistic about the economic climate

In September, Dutch consumers are much more positive about the economy in general than in August. The component indicator economic climate has risen to + 18 in September, up from + 7 in August. Consumers are much more optimistic about the economic situation in the past and next 12 months.

Consumers’ willingness to buy is also improving in September, compared to the preceding month. This component indicator of consumer confidence currently stands at + 2, versus - 2 in August. This is because consumers are less negative about their personal financial situation and because they think it is a better time to buy expensive, durable items.