Statistical offices of the German federal states

Information on exports to specific federal states in Germany are based on data provided by the statistical offices of these states. Due to trade asymmetry and conceptual differences, German figures on imports from the Netherlands do not match with CBS figures on exports to Germany. For the reader’s convenience, ‘Dutch exports to Germany’ and ‘German imports from the Netherlands’ are used interchangeably, although both terms refer to German import figures. According to CBS, the value of the flow of goods exported from the Netherlands to Germany amounted to 99 bn euros in 2015, as against 88 bn euros according to the German statistical offices of the federal states (federal total) or 87 bn euros (sum of the federal states). In this article, 87 bn euros is assumed to be the most accurate. Section 2.2 of the Internationalisation Monitor provides more detailed background information on the differences between these amounts.
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