Fewer asylum seekers compared to 2014 and 2015

In total 2,085 people registered as asylum seekers or following family members in the Netherlands in July. The number of asylum seekers and following family members remained below that of July 2014 and July 2015, as did the total over the first seven months of this year. Syrians accounted for 3 out of 10 of all first and following asylum requests, followed by Albanians and people from former Yugoslavia (2 out of 10).

In July, a total of 1,425 people filed a first asylum request while 660 following family members arrived in the country. Among them were 600 Syrians and nearly 300 Eritreans. Four out of five Syrians were following a family member who had already arrived in the Netherlands. For Eritreans, this was one out of three.

Asylum requests and following relatives by age and gender
Asylum requests and following relatives by age and gender

More children, fewer men

Just as in the previous month, more children than adult men came to the Netherlands in July. Since October 2015, the percentage of adult men has declined from 51 to 32. At the same time, the percentage of children has increased from 28 to 42. In July, adult women claiming asylum in the Netherlands (filing a first request or following a spouse) accounted for 26 percent. These trends reflect a shift from asylum seekers to following dependents. Over the past two years, asylum seekers travelling alone ahead of their families have often been men. Women and children have predominantly followed as family members.

Asylum seekers and following relatives by gender and age
Asylum seekers and following relatives by gender and age
 Adult menAdult womenChildren
2013 Jan282645
2013 Feb402634
2013 Mar392834
2013 Apr352342
2013 May372340
2013 Jun312445
2013 July372340
2013 Aug432334
2013 Sep342343
2013 Oct412236
2013 Nov362242
2013 Dec372340
2014 Jan512326
2014 Feb392040
2014 Mar432136
2014 Apr491932
2014 May591823
2014 Jun522028
2014 July492032
2014 Aug531828
2014 Sep521929
2014 Oct511930
2014 Nov422335
2014 Dec392437
2015 Jan362440
2015 Feb342739
2015 Mar332641
2015 Apr402337
2015 May412533
2015 Jun412435
2015 July402337
2015 Aug492030
2015 Sep501931
2015 Oct512128
2015 Nov452332
2015 Dec382438
2016 Jan372439
2016 Feb352739
2016 Mar412336
2016 Apr342640
2016 May362539
2016 Jun332542
2016 July322642

1 in 5 asylum seekers from Albania or former Yugoslavia

Again, more than 400 people claiming asylum in July were from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia. As the influx from Syria and Afghanistan has diminished since late 2015, the share of asylum seekers from Albania and former Yugoslavia has now reached 20 percent. Chances of obtaining a residence permit tend to be very low for these asylum seekers.

Asylum seekers and dependents from Albania and former Yugoslavia
Asylum seekers and dependents from Albania and former Yugoslavia
2013 Jan000100
2013 Feb501055
2013 Mar5510150
2013 Apr0010350
2013 May000305
2013 Jun20515405
2013 July52010200
2013 Aug505200
2013 Sep5155200
2013 Oct20553510
2013 Nov5010105
2013 Dec1505150
2014 Jan10520155
2014 Feb15501510
2014 Mar155202010
2014 Apr1501550
2014 May551055
2014 Jun501050
2014 July10100510
2014 Aug105555
2014 Sep5552510
2014 Oct10503510
2014 Nov151010305
2014 Dec55152515
2015 Jan5502510
2015 Feb1020102015
2015 Mar55102510
2015 Apr52001515
2015 May565103525
2015 Jun10160202540
2015 July0110102570
2015 Aug5105151580
2015 Sep050530170
2015 Oct10601080285
2015 Nov20301080140
2015 Dec45501560150
2016 Jan20602570230
2016 Feb35802080250
2016 Mar35752580225
2016 Apr30403575135
2016 May10404550130
2016 Jun20356555100
2016 July255565125155