Continuing decrease in Dutch imports of arms and ammunition


Dutch imports of arms and ammunition (excluding fighter jets) have been on the decrease for years, as reported by Statistics Netherlands. In 2014, the imports amounted to nearly 100 million euros, in contrast with the 200 million four years earlier. The decline is consistent with the downward trend in defence expenditure, see Public expenditure on defence further down in 2014. However, arms and ammunition are also imported by other organisations, e.g. the police.

Import and export value of arms and ammunition

Over 60 percent of arms and ammunition is imported from other European countries, with Germany as the chief supplier. Another substantial share of the military imports is from the United States and Canada.

Origin of imported arms and ammunition, 2014

United Kingdom largest importer of the EU

Of all the EU member states, the United Kingdom is by far the largest importer of arms and ammunition. UK imports totalled nearly 540 million euros in 2014, roughly twice the amount of the second largest importer, Italy. The Netherlands ranked eighth last year, behind other major importers such as Germany, Belgium and France.

Imports of arms and ammunition by EU countries, 2014

Dutch exports of arms and ammunition notably lower

Exports of arms and ammunition from the Netherlands had a value ranging between 12 and 30 million euros, a significantly lower amount than the imports. Almost 40 percent of the exports are destined for Asia, with Jordan and the United Arab Emirates in particular receiving a major share of the products.

Destination of exported arms and ammunition, 2014