exports grow, though less rapidly than in the preceding months


Statistics Netherlands announced today that the volume of exports of goods was 1.1 percent up in March 2015 from twelve months previously. The growth of exports over the first quarter of 2015 exceeded 3 percent. Exports of oil, rubber and plastic products were noticeably higher in March.

In March 2015, the volume of imports was 3.0 percent above the level of March 2014. The growth of imported goods in the first quarter was 2 percent.

Export of goods (volume, adjusted for working days)

More oil, rubber and plastic products exported

Dutch companies exported more oil, rubber and plastic products in March 2015. The export of food, drinks and tobacco and metal products also grew above average.

Circumstances for Dutch exports slightly less favourable in May 2015

According to Statistics Netherlands’ Exports Radar, circumstances for Dutch exports improved in April and May relative to March, but - compared to April - circumstances deteriorated marginally in May 2015. German manufacturing industry, for example, was again below the level of the preceding month. Producer confidence in Germany was also a bit more negative, but - on an annual basis - the real effective exchange rates improved marginally compared to the previous month. By means of six indicators, the Exports Radar shows, whether circumstances for Dutch exports have become more or less favourable.

Source, Statline:

Imports and exports (volumes)

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