Economy most urgent problem according to Dutch voters

In recent years, Dutch voters have been anxious about finances and the economy, but they also think their culture is under threat, according to a publication presented today by Statistics Netherlands s about the National Voters Survey 2006-2012.

Changing views

In the period 2006-2012, voters’ views on a number of issues have changed. In 2006, problems related to the integration of minorities in Dutch society were most often identified as the most urgent social problem, but in 2010 ‘finances and economy’ ranked as top priority problems. In 2012, these views were re-confirmed, as is shown in the National Voters Survey 2006-2012 published today, which elaborates on the electorate’s views regarding a wide range of political issues.

Economic and cultural threat

The share of voters who are concerned about the economic prospects has increased from 50 percent in 2010 to 65 percent in 2012. Anxiety about their own financial situation getting worse also increased, from 48 to 59 percent and occurred across all social strata. More than half of voters also think Dutch culture is under threat, about the same proportion as in 2010.