Wind most important source of renewable electricity

For the first time, wind is the main energy source for renewable electricity. In 2014, wind turbine-generated electricity was approximately 8 percent up from 2013. At the same time, electricity generation from biomass was 16 percent below the level of 2013 as Statistics Netherlands announced today.

Share renewable electricity stable

Altogether, 11.7 billion kWh of renewable electricity was generated last year, a marginal decrease compared to 2013. For the fifth consecutive year, the production of renewable electricity accounts for approximately 10 percent of total consumption.

More wind energy

Electricity generated from wind turbines increased as more wind turbines were erected. The overall capacity of Dutch wind turbines rose in 2014 by about 150 megawatts (MW) to approximately 2,850 MW at the end of 2014, when various smaller and medium-sized wind farms were completed.
The government aims to generate 6 thousand MW on land in 2020 and 4.5 thousand MW at sea in 2023. In order to achieve these targets, the overall capacity of wind turbines will have to grow faster than in the past.