Nearly 1 percent turnover growth for transport sector

In the fourth quarter of 2013, turnover generated by the transport sector rose by nearly 1 percent relative to one year previously. Total annual turnover over 2013 also grew by nearly 1 percent to nearly 75 billion euros.

Turnover transport sector, fourth quarter 2013

Turnover transport sector, fourth quarter 2013

Road transport benefits from exports growth

Road haulage, by far the largest branch in the transport sector, boasted a turnover growth of 2.5 percent in the fourth quarter relative to one year previously and the first turnover growth in 2013. Road transport benefited from exports growth. Larger freight volumes resulted in higher profits, especially in medium-sized companies; freight rates were at approximately the same level as one year previously.

Removal firms recorded a 3 percent turnover growth in the fourth quarter as more orders came in. At the same time, removal service rates were 3 percent down.

Courier companies thrived as more and more consumers buy online. More parcels and higher delivery rates resulted in a turnover growth by more than 5 percent, but for the third quarter in a row, many forwarding agents faced loss of turnover (2 percent in the fourth quarter).

Positive mood prevails

On balance, providers of transport services are optimistic about the future economic climate and more positive about transport rates than one year ago previously. Sea shipping and inland shipping more often than other branches in the transport sector indicated to anticipate higher turnovers.

Robbert de Ruijter