Number of unemployed further up

Seasonally adjusted unemployment in the Netherlands stood at 455 thousand in October, i.e. 17 thousand above the level in September. October was the fourth month in a row to show unemployment growth. Overall, unemployment rose by 63 thousand in this period. Unemployment is now back at the previous peak level of February 2010.

Unemployment rose by 13 thousand among 25 to 44 year-olds. In the age category 45-64, unemployment rose by 5 thousand. Youth unemployment (people under the age of 25) did not change. Unemployment increased among men and women alike.

The unemployment rate in the Dutch labour force was 5.8 percent in October. The rate is now back at the level of February 2010. With 5.6 percent, the rate among men was lower than among women (6.1 percent).

Consumers and producers are pessimistic about future employment. More information can be found in the article ‘Pessimism about employment’.

Seasonally adjusted unemployment

Seasonally adjusted unemployment

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