Providers of business services slightly less optimistic

Providers of business services were slightly less optimistic in May about their future turnover than in April. The number of business services providers anticipating turnover growth during the next three months still outnumbered those anticipating a decrease, but, with +15, the difference between optimists and pessimists was reduced relative to April (+23).

Providers of business services were also less optimistic about future employment and the economic climate in their sector. The number of business services providers expecting price increases in the three months to come was about the same as the number expecting prices to drop.

Just like in the previous months, temp job agencies were in high spirits. They were very optimistic about their future turnover and the economic climate. They also still expected to hire more staff in the next three months. The mood was less optimistic among other providers of services within the sector business services.

Turnover in the sector business services may be affected by seasonal variation. These effects have not been taken into account.

Expected turnover business services

Expected turnover business services

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