Italy fifth most important country for Dutch exports

Just over 5 percent of total Dutch exports went to Italy in 2009. This makes Italy the fifth largest receiver of Dutch exports in terms of value. Only Germany, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom received more exports.

More exports than imports

Total values of Dutch imports and exports were respectively 18 and 16 percent lower in 2009 than in 2008. The value of goods trade with Italy fell by slightly more. Imports from Italy were 19 percent down on 2008 and exports fell by 18 percent. This resulted in a trade surplus of 9.6 billion euro. The balance of trade with Italy has been positive since 1970. 

Main exports to Italy: machines

Machines account for nearly one third of Dutch exports to Italy. Office machines, computers, telecommunication equipment and electrical appliances find their way there. Many of these machines are not manufactured in the Netherlands, however, but first imported from other countries.

Exports to Italy

Exports to Italy

Clothes and shoes

Italy is the fourth largest supplier of clothes and shoes to the Netherlands, after China, Germany and Belgium. Other important imported products are medicines, iron and steel, and fruit and vegetables. 

Value of clothes and shoes imported from some countries

Value of clothes and shoes imported from some countries

Hardly any bicycles come from Italy

Only very few Dutch people ride Italian bicycles. Only 1 percent ((19 thousand) of all bicycles imported into the Netherlands come from Italy. Slightly more bicycles ((23 thousand) are exported to Italy. This is 2 percent of total Dutch bicycle exports.

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