Dutch shipbuilding industry increasingly important in Europe

20/10/2009 15:00

Last year, 12 percent of European shipbuilding industry turnover was realised in the Netherlands, as against more than 7 percent in 2000. The market share in commercial vessels grew considerably from 7 to 14 percent.

3.2 billion euro worth of commercial vessels manufactured in 2008

The output value of Dutch commercial shipbuilding industry, including repair and maintenance has risen by about 80 percent since 2000 to 3.2 billion euro in 2008. The output value of the Dutch pleasure craft sector tallies with other European countries and has almost tripled. The Netherlands accounts for approximately 7 percent of the European market.

Market share Dutch shipbuilding industry in EU 27

Market share Dutch shipbuilding industry in EU 27

Netherlands number one in dredging vessels and equipment

The Netherlands is the current market leader in Europe for certain types of vessels, such as dredging vessels and equipmentt, multi-purpose vessels and offshore vessels. Last year, the Netherlands accounted for a market share of approximately 80 percent in each of these three production areas, whereas the market share for passenger ships is only 2 percent.

Exports mainly to Europe

The exports value of ships built in the Netherlands was 1.8 billion euro in 2008. Nearly half went to European countries. Asia’s share was about 16 percent and Central and South America accounted for 12 percent in 2008. The low North American market share of 2 percent in Dutch exports of vessels is remarkable.

Number of shipyards growing

The number of shipyards for the construction of new vessels gradually expanded from 1,420 to 1,755 over the period 2000–2008, an annual growth by 2.7 percent. In commercial shipping, the number of shipyards grew by an average annual 1.5 percent. The number of shipyards for pleasure craft grew by 3.4 percent. Most shipyards for the manufacture of commercial vessels are located in the Rijnmond region and the south-east of the province of South Holland. Pleasure craft are mainly manufactured in the south-west and north of the province of Friesland.

Number of shipyards

Number of shipyards

Employment down

Employment in shipbuilding dropped from 17 to 14 thousand between 2000 and 2008. Shipyards where new commercial vessels are built entirely accounted for the reduction in employed persons from 11.8 thousand to 8.1 thousand. Employment in pleasure craft industry increased by 800 persons over the same period.

Employment in the sector shipbuilding and repair

Employment in the sector shipbuilding and repair

Hub Beunen and Lico Hoekema