Groups of youths cause most neighbourhood problems

Trouble caused by groups of youths in the streets, drug users, inconsiderate neighbours and harassment: in 2008 one sixth of the Dutch population reported that they experienced at least one of these problems in the area where they lived. Groups of youths cause the most problems. At the same time it is this age group itself that   experiences the most problems.

Ten percent of population bothered by groups of youths

The Dutch report that they experience most problems with groups of youths: 10 percent of the population often experienced such problems. Fifteen percent of the population stated that they sometimes felt it was not safe near groups of youths hanging around. The problems varied form irritation by youths hanging around, noise caused by youths riding around on mopeds, vandalism, and aggressive and sometimes criminal behaviour. Problems with groups of youths are reported twice as often as trouble from street drunks, drug users and annoying  neighbours.

Types of serious problems, 2008

Types of serious problems, 2008

Youths themselves experience most trouble with youths

Although groups of youth are responsible for most of the problems experienced by the population, this age group (15-24 years) also reports experiencing the most problems. Compared with the over-65s, twice as many of them report often experiencing problems, especially with other groups of youths. Nearly one in eight young people experience serious problems with their peers. Moreover, more young than older people sometimes feel it is not safe near places where groups of youths hang around.

Problems and not feeling safe, 15-24 year-olds, 2008

Problems and not feeing safe, 15-24 year-olds, 2008

Leanne Houben