Leap day boosts retail turnover

With an increase of 8.5 percent, retail turnover improved substantially in February compared with twelve months previously. As 2008 is a leap year, February had one day extra. This leap day was a Friday this year, for the food sector in particular the most important shopping day of the week. After an approximate correction for this positive effect, retail turnover was nearly 4 percent higher. Prices were over 2 percent up on February 2007.

Turnover in the food sector increased by most, namely over 12 percent, with supermarkets accounting for almost all of the increase. Their turnover grew by almost 15 percent, half of which was caused by the positive effect of the leap day. Products sold in food shops cost over 3 percent more than twelve months previously. Turnover in specialist shops for food, drinks and tobacco grew by 1 percent compared with February 2007.

For the fifth month in a row, turnover growth in the food sector exceeded that in the non-food sector. Non-food retailers realised nearly 7 percent more turnover than in February 2007, with the extra shopping day accounting for more than half of this growth. Products sold in the non-food retail sector cost 1.5 percent more than in February 2007.

The figures published in this update have been adjusted relative to retail figures published on 15 April 2008. The revision is based on new and more detailed information.

Retail turnover

Retail turnover