Proceeds government-imposed taxes again higher

10/04/2008 15:00

In 2007, government-imposed tax proceeds amounted to 133 billion euro, an increase by over 8 billion euro relative to one year ago. Government-imposed tax proceeds have shown a distinctly upward trend since 2004.

Proceeds from income and turnover taxes together increased by 9 billion euro in 2007 compared to one year previously. This is due to improved employment and an increase in consumer spending. Despite rate cuts, company and dividend tax proceeds grew by 0.2 billion euro.

The proceeds of environment-related taxes – on the other hand – were reduced by 0.8 billion euro compared with 2006. On account of the relatively mild winter of 2006/2007, households and companies were eligible for a refund of energy taxes.

Proceeds government-imposed taxes

Proceeds government-imposed taxes