Robust growth consumption

Dutch households spent 2.7 percent more in December 2007 than one year previously. This means consumption growth remained high. Spending on goods increased by 3.9 percent, spending on services by 1.5 percent relative to December 2006. The above figures have been adjusted for price changes and for differences in the shopping day pattern.

Spending on durable consumer goods was 3.6 percent up in December 2007 compared to the same month one year previously. The category durable consumer goods includes items such as television sets, furniture, computers and cars, etc. Consumption of food, drinks and tobacco increased by 2.9 percent. Consumption growth has been close to 3 percent since August 2007. The growth rate exceeds the usual figures.

Households spent 5.6 percent more on other goods than in December 2006.The  consumption of natural gas in particular was much higher than twelve months ago. In October and November gas consumption was also distinctly higher than in the same months of 2006.

Consumer spending rose by 2 percent in 2007, as against nearly 3 percent in 2006. Spending on durable consumer goods increased most. For more information on consumption expenditure in 2007, the reader is referred to the article “Durable consumer goods boost consumption growth”.

Domestic household consumption (volume)

Domestic household consumption (volume)