Inflation rate stable

Dutch inflation remained unchanged in April. The consumer price index published by Statistics Netherlands shows that, just as in March, consumer prices were on average 1.8 percent higher than twelve months ago.

Dutch inflation according to the European harmonised method did not change either and stands at 1.9 percent

Few price changes   

Flowers and plants became more expensive in April, marginally pushing up inflation. Prices of flowers and plants were 18 percent higher than one year ago, whereas in March prices were 9 percent higher.

Price developments of motor fuels, on the other hand, kept inflation down in April. Although automotive fuels became more expensive, the price increase was more modest than last year. Factors which push up inflation were offset by inflation-reducing factors and as a result, the month-on-month inflation rate remained unchanged in April.

Dutch inflation rate exceeds eurozone average

With 1.9 percent, Dutch inflation according to the European harmonised method (HICP) equalled the rate in March.

For the first time in three and a half years, Dutch inflation exceeded the eurozone average. According to a preliminary estimate by Eurostat, inflation in the eurozone states was 1.8 percent in April.