Sharp rise in retail turnover

Dutch retail turnover was 5.6 percent higher in November 2006 than in November 2005. Retail turnover has been higher than twelve months previously for nearly one and a half years now. Retail prices were 1.2 percent higher than in November 2005, the volume of sales rose by 4.3 percent.

The shopping day pattern was more favourable in November 2006 than in the same month in 2005, and this had a positive effect on turnover in November 2006.  According to figures from Statistics Netherlands, the increase was still substantial, 4.5 percent, after correction for these effects.  

Rise for non-food in particular

Shops in the non-food sector in particular realised more turnover in November 2006 than twelve months previously. Turnover in these outlets was 5.4 percent higher. This was mainly caused by a 4.5 percent  increase in the volume of turnover. Prices were nearly 1 percent up on twelve months previously. The increase in turnover was largest for clothes shops and do-it-yourself stores. Turnover growth in these branches was around 9 percent. The increase in turnover for non-shop retail, for example via mail order and the Internet,  was much larger than the average for the retail trade.

Food retail turnover also up

Food shops also had a higher turnover in November 2006 than one year previously. Turnover rose by 4.4 percent. Prices in the food sector were 1.6 percent higher than twelve months previously, the volume of turnover rose by 2.7 percent. Both supermarkets and specialist shops realised higher turnover rates in November.