Considerable increase retail turnover

According to preliminary figures published by Statistics Netherlands, Dutch retail trade turnover in May 2006 was 12.3 percent up on May last year. Turnover increases by more than 10 percent are rare and only occurred twice over the last decade. Turnover volume grew by almost 12 percent, while prices remained more or less stable. Turnover increased across the board, but most notably in the non-food sector. Retail turnover was positively affected by the fact that May 2006 had more shopping days than May 2005. After elimination of the effect of extra shopping days, the increase by approximately 10 percent remains considerable.

Remarkable turnover increase in non-food sector

In May 2006, non-food shops realised a sizeable turnover increase by almost 16 percent compared to the same period one year previously, while prices hardly changed. Turnover in the various branches of the non-food sector increased by more than 10 percent, excluding shops selling household appliances. The most significant turnover increase by over 18 percent was recorded in clothes shops. Turnover increase in the non-food sector in May 2006 can partly be attributed to the exceptionally low level of turnover in May 2005.

Turnover increase also considerable in food sector

In May 2006, shops in the food sector also notched up a considerable turnover increase by 7 percent compared to May 2005. Supermarkets in particular performed well. Prices were just 1 percent higher than one year previously, turnover volume grew by more than 6 percent.