Fewer house fires

In 2004 there were 43 thousand fires; 13 thousand were indoor fires of which 5.4 thousand occurred in houses. The number of house fires has dropped for years. In 1997 the number of recorded house fires totalled 8  thousand.

House fires, 1990–2004

House fires often caused by faulty household appliances

One in three house fires is caused by faulty household appliances or inexpert operation of cooking equipment and washing or drying machines. Arson is the cause of house fires in 12 percent of cases. The rate is higher for flats (17 percent) and lower for single-family houses (7 percent). In almost one quarter of cases the cause of fire could not be retrieved.

House fires by cause and type of dwelling, 2004

100 million euro damage caused by house fires

Total direct damage caused by house fires was slightly over 100 million euro. Three-quarters of the amount involved refers to fires in single-family houses. The average house fire damage equals 24 thousand euro.

Relatively more house fires in flats

Relatively speaking, there are twice as many fires in flats as in single-family houses. In 2004 six in ten fire casualties were recorded in house fires. The casualty risk rate is 1.7 times as high in flats as in single-family homes.

House fires in relation to indoor fires, 1990-2004

Wim Vissers