Value of international trade up

In May 2005 the value of international trade in goods outstripped that of twelve months previously. Exports were 12 percent up on May 2004, reaching 22.4 billion euro, imports were 9 percent higher at 19.4 billion euro. Growth rates are again higher than in the preceding year. The trade surplus amounted to 3 billion euro, according to the most recent provisional figures released by Statistics Netherlands. An extra working day in May 2005 and marginally higher import and export prices contributed to the increase in value of imports and exports.

Sturdy increase in exports to non-EU countries

The value of goods exported to countries outside the European Union (EU) amounted to 5.4 billion euro in May 2005, a stunning 26 percent increase on May last year. On the other hand, the value of trade with non-EU countries was relatively low in May 2004.

The value of imports from countries outside the EU was also higher and totalled 8.4 billion euro, a 10 percent rise on the same period one year previously. 

Trade with EU countries also growing

The value of Dutch exports to EU countries reached 16.9 billion euro in May 2005, an 8 percent rise on May 2004. The value of goods imported from EU member states was also higher than in the same period one year earlier and reached 11.0 billion euro, a rise by 7 percent.

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