Three quarters of the population attend cultural events

In 2003 a vast majority (78 percent) of the population aged 15 years and older at least once attended a concert, stage performance, museum or cinema.

Cultural participation by level of education, 2003

Cultural participation by level of education, 2003

Highly educated and young people

Highly educated people more frequently attend cultural events than lower educated people. About 57 percent of people with only primary education attended cultural events in 2003 as opposed to 93 percent of highly educated (vocational colleges and universities) people.

Age also plays a part. About 94 percent of young people under the age of 25 attend cultural performances at least once a year. The proportion decreases with advancing age. Three quarters of persons in the age category 45-64 annually attend cultural events or museums. More than half of over-65s do.

Cinema attendance by age, 2003

Cinema attendance by age, 2003

Film, theatre, concert or museum

Over half of the population went to the cinema in 2003. Cinemas mainly appeal to young people. About 88 percent of young people under 25 and 70 percent of people aged between 25 and 44 went to cinema or art cinema performances. From the age of 45 onwards interest begins to wane and only 13 percent of over-65s attend cinemas.

Almost half of the population annually attend at least one concert or other musical performance, one third attend stage performances. There are hardly any differences between the various age categories under 65. The participation rate of 44 percent among over-65s is above average.

One in three persons visited a museum in 2003. City dwellers frequent museums more often than people living in rural areas. Highly educated people’s interest in museums appears to be above average.

Hans Schmeets and Henk Hendriks