Utrecht top in computer branch

The total value added of the computer branch in the Netherlands was over 7.6 billion euro in 2002. This is almost thrice the 1995 value. In 2002 the value added of the economy as a whole was almost one and a half times that of 1995.

Over a quarter of value added in Utrecht

Enterprises in the computer branch are mainly located in the western part of the Netherlands and North Brabant in the south. The west of the Netherlands had about a 70 percent share in the total value added of the branch in 2002. The province of Utrecht had the largest share in this, namely 27 percent, followed by North Holland (22 percent), South Holland (21percent) and North Brabant (12 percent).

Total value added of the computer branch by province, 2002

A number of regions made major contributions to the total value added, such as the urban conglomerates of Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam/Rijnmond. The shares of the regions outside the Randstad were relatively low.

High value added per Utrecht resident

In 2002 the per capita value added in Utrecht was the highest of all provinces. The per capita value was almost three times as high as in North Holland. Ranking third and fourth were South Holland and North Brabant.

Value added of the computer branch per capita, 2002

The regions Utrecht, Amstelveen and Zoetermeer had a particularly high per capita value.

Drenthe growing fastest

The average annual change in value of the computer branch was over 16 percent in the period 1995-2002.

Developments in the computer branch differ by province. The provinces with the largest share in the branch saw growth rates close to the national average. Utrecht and South Holland even lagged slightly behind the national developments.

Value added of the computer branch, average annual growth rate 1995-2002

Drenthe saw the fasted branch growth with 34 percent. Groningen, Friesland and Overijssel saw substantial 20 percent growth rates in the computer branch. This made that they could catch up somewhat with some of the other provinces.

Paul Mangoenkars, Bas de Vet