Fewer dwellings completed

Almost 71 thousand new dwellings were completed in 2000, down 10% on 1999. This is the lowest figure for completed dwellings since the 1950’s. The dwelling stock increased by almost 1% in the year 2000, bringing the total for the Netherlands at 6.6 million dwellings.

The only provinces in which more new dwellings were completed than the previous year were Flevoland and Zeeland. The greatest 2000-on-1999 drop in the number of newly completed dwellings occured in Groningen and Overijssel.

On the other hand Groningen and Overijssel – as well as Limburg – issued more building permits in 2000 than they had in 1999. Almost 79 thousand building permits were issued for new dwellings in the Netherlands as a whole, down almost 6 thousand on 1999. The value of these building permits amounted to more than 16 billion guilders (over 7 billion euro), down 3% on 1999.

Newly constructed dwellings

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Cees Steijn