Author: May Offermans, Yvonne Gootzen, Edwin de Jonge, Jan van der Laan, Frank Pijpers, Shan Shah, Martijn Tennekes, Peter-Paul de Wolf.
Pilot Study: Mobile Phone Meta Data Records – Introduction to the research method

2. Fundamentals of the process

The procedure of processing signalling data into statistical information consists of 9 steps which are explained in detail in chapter 3. It concerns automated processing which ultimately results in aggregated anonymised data.

The source data is not delivered directly to CBS as is customary in other statistical processes within CBS. Instead, the data has already been anonymised and aggregated at the MNO. Therefore, CBS does not receive any traceable traffic data but only anonymised and aggregated information from this data.

Figure 2.1 shows the software modules associated with the 9-step process. These were designed in such a way as to adhere as closely as possible to international standards currently being developed worldwide. Chapter 3 refers to these modules.

Figure 2.1