Land use; all categories, municipalities

Land use; all categories, municipalities

Regions Periods Agriculture Greenhouses (ha)
Nieuwleusen 2017
Reusel 2017
Reusel-De Mierden 2017 3
Source: CBS.
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This table provides information about the land use of the area of the Netherlands and the changes in land use.

Data available from: 1996.

Status of the figures:
The figures in this table are final.

Changes as of 26 April 2023:
Addition of 2017 figures.

This table is based on the Bestand Bodemgebruik (BBG), which literally translates as the ‘land use file’. For intervening base years without a BBG, this table just presents total area statistics for the presented regions.

Previously published base years in this table are never revised for corrections established when a newer BBG-edition is produced. Such corrections consist of corrections of earlier misinterpretations and of improved interpretations based on new sources. The corrections are recorded in the so-called Mutatiebestand (the mutations file) which is a digital map, being a part of each BBG publication. See Bestand Bodemgebruik for further information on correction of the land use statistics and for available publications.

As of reporting year 2016, Statistics Netherlands no longer publishes data on metropolitan agglomerations and urban regions. Various social developments have rendered the philosophy and methodology underlying the delineation outdated. It furthermore appears that other agencies are using a different classification of metropolitan agglomerations and urban regions depending on the area of application. This means there is no longer a consensus on which standard applies.
The metropolitan agglomerations and urban regions will not be published anymore from 2015 onwards as a default regional figure.

When will new figures be published?
After the addition of the 2017 land use figures all updates to this table will be stopped.

The methodology of the land use statistics, as it has been in use up to the 2017-edition, is being redesigned. See for further information on this redesign and the availability of land use statistics based on the new methodology the web page Bestand Bodemgebruik.

Description topics

Area for agriculture.
Area in use for agriculture in greenhouses.

- area of the cultivation of plants under glass in greenhouses;
- associated waterbasins.