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CBS has been working for years to tackle the measurement problems that accompany the changes in society. But it cannot and will not do this alone. In the AME expert group, established in 2019, universities, ministries, large municipalities and banks, among others, are thinking along with CBS. Through the discussion in the expert group, it is possible to focus on what is really important and to formulate the questions as precisely as possible. Knowledge and possible data from other organisations can also be used.

CBS is not the only statistical institute to study new economic phenomena. Other statistical institutes have been doing so for some time now. 'The Office for National Statistics (ONS) in the United Kingdom, for instance, has set up an Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE), which has resources available for research and where experts share their knowledge of all kinds of economic developments and the measuring thereof. CBS has close contacts with, among others, Eurostat and the OECD on issues such as the digital economy. CBS is keen to cooperate with ministries, universities and other knowledge institutes in order to adequately measure the economy. It would like to share expertise with them in this area or tap into new data sources in order to keep economic indicators measurable and relevant in the future.