COVID-19 impact on public health

How many deaths are registered weekly in the Netherlands?

On a weekly basis, CBS publishes an estimate of the number of deaths in the previous week. The figures are broken down by province and municipality, age, sex and use of long-term care. In 2020, there was excess mortality due to coronavirus; over 15 thousand more deaths than expected. In 2021 as well, there was excess mortality during waves of coronavirus. Detailed tables with weekly figures and news releases on mortality can be found in the Mortality per week series. These mortality reports do not contain information on the causes of death.
Mortality per week

What is the number of COVID-19 deaths?

In 2020, there were 168,678 deaths in the Netherlands, of which over 20 thousand were due to COVID-19. This is equivalent to 12 percent of all deaths. Figures on causes of death are based on death certificates filled in by a doctor. CBS receives these statements mainly through the municipality where the death took place. CBS publishes data when more than 95 percent of the cause-of-death certificates related to the publishing period have been received and processed. This is why figures on COVID-19 deaths are less readily available than those on total deaths. The latest news releases on COVID-19 deaths, as well as weekly mortality figures, can be found in the Mortality per week series.
Mortality per week

How many medical products were imported during the first wave of coronavirus?

In Q1 2020, Dutch imports of medical goods amounted to 8.7 billion euros. This is 8 percent more than in the first three months of 2019. Pharmaceutical products (medicines) are relatively expensive compared to other medical products and therefore held a substantial share in the total value of medical imports, namely 42 percent (3.6 billion euros). Read more