Greenhouse gas and natural resource footprints

Greenhouse gas and natural resource footprints for 2010 up to and including 2018 specified for production and consumption perspectives, CO2 and other greenhouse gases and four types of natural resources.

This dataset was created to provide data for the Integrated Circular Economy Report. The table set contains footprints for the Netherlands for the even years between 2010 and 2018. Footprints are presented for carbon dioxide and for other greenhouse gases in carbon dioxide equivalents. Natural resource footprints are also presented for the following four categories: biomass, fossil fuels, metals and non-metalic minerals. In addition, both consumption and production footprints are presented. Four separate excel files are also provided. These contain footprints for total greenhouse gases and total natural resources from both the consumption and production perspectives for the year 2018 in matrix form at the maximum level of detail.

Financed by the Netherlands Environmental Assessement Agency.