Bonaire; Household income per neighbourhood, 2011-2017

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It was recently determined that the Income Tax source data used for this publication were incomplete. As a result, the income for some households has not been properly determined. Statistics Netherlands is working on a revision of the results.

Initial estimates indicate that deviations have arisen since 2016 and have increased by 2020 to an underestimation of the income of the entire population in the order of 3 to 13 percent, depending on the chosen statistic. New results will be published in June for 2021 and 2022, after which the previous years will also be revised based on the current data.
Income of private households on Bonaire per neighbourhood, 2011 - 2017
This table presents the disposable and equivalised income of private households with observed income per neighbourhood for Bonaire. The results are based on 2011-2017 figures of the Caribbean Netherlands income statistics. Given the provisional nature of the neighbourhood classification, the outcomes in this table are also provisional.